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Trafficking in Persons Inter-Ministry Committee Conducts Training Session

Trafficking in Persons Inter-Ministry Committee Conducts Training Session

(MNS-JFK, 02 SEPT. 2022): Employees from various government agencies were enlightened to identify the signs, consequences and prevention of Trafficking in Persons, during a training session with The Bahamas’ Trafficking in Persons Inter-Ministry Committee on Wednesday 31stAugust  2022, at the Orville Turnquest Building, John. Kennedy Drive.

Led by Chairperson, Assistant Superintendent of Police Indirah Belle, the TIPS Inter-Ministry Committee is mandated by the Bahamas government to design and implement training awareness programs for the public and private residents to prevent Trafficking In Persons, and the protection and promotion of the rights of victims trafficking.  

Discussions were centered on the many facets of trafficking, which included Sexual Exploitation, Child Trafficking, Labour Trafficking, Domestic Servitude, Forced marriage, Forced criminality, and Organ Harvesting.  Additionally, participants received training on the Trafficking in Persons Prevention and Suppression Act, Guidelines for the Prevention, Suppression and Punishment of Trafficking in Persons, The Bahamas – Trafficking in Persons Response Standard Operating Procedures, A Plan to Provide Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in Persons and their Accompanying Dependent Children and the United Nations Trafficking in Persons Protocol 2000. 

Representatives from various government sectors included the Department of Immigration, Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Department of Labour, and Department of Rehabilitative Welfare Services, Ministry of Tourism, Attorney General Office and Faith Based Organizations.

They were encouraged to use the training to enhance prevention, protection and prosecution of Trafficking in Persons.

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