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“The Lucayans deserve to be celebrated and recognized for their accomplishments” – Prime Minister Davis at the opening of ‘Lucayans: the Valor of the Vanquished’ exhibit at Pompey Museum

NASSAU, The Bahamas — A ceremony to officially open an exhibition of artwork and artifacts showcasing the history of the first inhabitants of The Bahamas was held October 12, 2022 in Pompey Square. Presented by the Antiquities, Monuments & Museums Corporation (AMMC), the exhibition, “Lucayans: the Valor of the Vanquished” features miniature replicas, life-sized statues and artifacts to tell the story of the vitality and unfortunate demise of the Lucayan people. The exhibition was presented to offer the public the chance to become more knowledgeable about the Lucayans, and of the cultural legacy and history of The Bahamas. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Hon. Philip Davis gave remarks at the opening ceremony denoting the importance of this historic exhibi...