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Gladstone Road

Resilience and Sustainability incorporated in new Gladstone Road design

NASSAU, The Bahamas – The proposed Gladstone Road Improvement Project is expected to incorporate new features which support the government’s emphasis on resilience and sustainability. A 4-lane carriageway, an improved drainage system, street lighting, a bike trail, and sidewalks are among the new additions to the “major” corridor which has an estimated 2-year time completion. The Ministry of Works and Utilities held a Town Meeting Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at the National Training Agency, Gladstone Road, to present plans for the new corridor. Minister of Works and Utilities, the Hon. Alfred Sears said the occasion was to enable designers and experts in the Ministry; and consultants to have the benefit of the “collective wisdom” of the various communities which will be directly impacted by...

Paving works on Gladstone Road corridor progressing steadily

NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Gladstone Road paving project is progressing steadily. Now into the third week of paving, Bahamix General Manager, Ryan Rahming said the work, which is scheduled in phases, is moving more smoothly than anticipated and expected to soon reach the half-way mark — just beyond Fire Trail Road. The project’s scope of works begins at Rubis, Gladstone Road and ends at Carmichael Road.  “The work entails using a milling machine to remove a specific depth of old asphalt surface [which] we cut down to an inch-and a-half. We truck that away and lay an inch-and-half of fresh asphalt. We [then] compact and roll it to the existing line and level,” said Mr. Rahming. With no unforeseen circumstances to date, traffic management is operating as planned. “There are some hi...