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Industrial action by Airport Authority union members not good for Tourism, says Minister

NASSAU, The Bahamas – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation the Hon. Chester Cooper said that industrial action is not in the best interest of the tourism industry, which is on the rebound. He was responding to industrial action taken on Monday, July 18, 2022, by members of the Bahamas Public Services Union employed by the Airport Authority. He lamented the fact that the prime minister has met on several occasions with the union president but yet it has staged industrial action. “It is most unfortunate that they have taken these actions. We do not believe that they are in the interest of tourism. We are making a significant rebound in tourism and this could cause somewhat of a setback, and it is regrettable that they would jeopardize interests of the...

Airport Authority union members on illegal strike, urged to ‘return to work, forthwith’

NASSAU, The Bahamas – Approximately 57 members of staff of the Airport Authority in New Providence and 170 in the Family Islands, who are members of the BPSU, did not report to their normal shift on Monday morning, July 18.  In a press conference the same morning at the Ministry of Labour, Minister of Labour and Immigration the Hon. Keith Bell said: The management of the Airport Authority has in their possession a copy of a voice note from Mr. Kimsley Ferguson, President of the BPSU wherein he appears to have instructed members of the BPSU that are employed at the Airport Authority, to go to the Doctor and obtain sick certificates for 5 days and “Lock The Place Down”. At 8:12 am this morning, Mr. Ferguson was advised by the Director of Labour Robert Farquharson that the matter regarding th...