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Senators make presentation to Stapledon School as part of social outreach initiative

Senators make presentation to Stapledon School as part of social outreach initiative

NASSAU, The Bahamas – Faculty and students of Stapledon School received gifts of projectors from members of the Upper House of Parliament during a presentation Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at the school on Dolphin Drive.

The Senators, including Government and Opposition, led by President the Hon. LaShell Adderley, were on hand to participate in the bi-partisan event. Among them were Senate Vice-President, Barry Griffin; Senator Michela Barnett Ellis; Dr. Erecia Hepburn-Forbes, Senator and Managing Director of BAMSI; Senator Darron Pickstock; and Senator Maxine Seymour.  Bacchus Rolle, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Utilities also participated in the ceremony.

President Adderley emphasized the importance of today’s contribution and the ongoing outreach program. “We’re all together when it comes to assisting our community and meeting the needs of our Bahamian citizens.

We see you as our special citizens with a purpose. It is our hope that these projectors will continue to enhance your learning experience and train your minds because we want you to be successful and in turn make a contribution to our great country.  We’re here to support you and ensure that your needs are met.”

President Adderley thanked the principal, Amada Moncur and the faculty and staff of Stapledon School for their dedication and commitment to the students. She also acknowledged the Hon. Alfred Sears, Minister of Works and Utilities (MOW) and his staff for their assistance in ensuring that the projectors are properly mounted. She appealed to NGOs and corporate citizens to assist the school with its efforts.

Parliamentary Secretary Rolle applauded the Senators for their contribution and explained the role of the (MOW) regarding the donation.

“It’s a pleasure for MOW to partner with the Senators.  We all have a role to play regardless of our status in nation building and in developing our community. The MOW has decided to give of its talents to ensure that these learning tools are installed in an efficient and timely manner so that our students would have proper use of them.

He also joined President Adderley in encouraging NGOs, corporate Bahamas and civic organizations to support the institution.

“These are our children — our little darlings; we must treat them as such,” he added.

Ms. Moncur thanked the Senators for the “wonderful” gift and some of the students accepted the projectors on behalf of the school.

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