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Social Service and Urban Development

Rahming to IWD Event: Attain Gender Equality Today-Not Tomorrow

Rahming to IWD Event: Attain Gender Equality Today-Not Tomorrow

The participation of the “largest bloc of female candidates” in a General Election in The Bahamas (67 in the 2021 General Elections), is a testament not only to the commitment of the people of The Bahamas to narrow the gender gap in the decision-making process of The Bahamas, but in letting women’s voices be heard for the many inequalities that exist, Minister of State in the Ministry of Social Services and Urban development, the Hon Lisa Rahming said Tuesday.

“That is why, as women, we cannot remain silent on issues that affect us and that affect this country.”

Addressing a combined International Women’s Day/Social Workers Month Forum held at the Harry C. Moore Library, University of The Bahamas Campus, New Providence, State-Minister Rahming told her In-person or ZOOM audiences that Women of The Bahamas have proven their strength and tenacity in many
areas. (Male representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations also attended the event either In-person or via ZOOM).

“Some of you here this evening have served in the highest offices in all branches of government as well as law enforcement and the private sector,” the State Minister told her In-person and ZOOM audiences.

“In September, 2021, our country witnessed the election of seven women to Parliament, four of whom hold Cabinet positions – what a great achievement. Many would say ‘What a small number,’ but if we look back, you will say that the number is bigger than where it was and so we thank God for that, and I am sure in the near future, there shall be more.

“Other high-level positions held by women include the President of the Senate (Senator, the Hon. J. LaShell Adderley), and I am happy to have our Senate President here with us tonight, and the Speaker of the House of Assembly (the Hon. Patricia Deveaux) all of whom are progressive women and eager to move the status of women forward.

“I also welcome Deputy to the Governor-General and the country’s first female Deputy Prime Minister, Acting Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, the Hon. Cynthia “Mother” Pratt. As the Minister of State responsible for Women’s Affairs (among her other portfolio duties), I salute every woman of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas on this special occasion. I wish to recognize the invaluable contributions of our women over the years. Women from every sector, every island, every cay, ought to be celebrated,” Mrs. Rahming added.

State-Minister Rahming said The Bahamas has shown it has the political will at the highest level, to achieve gender equality in its laws.

The State-Minister said just last month, the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development hosted a Gender-Based Violence Discriminatory Law Review Forum with governmental and non-governmental organizations. The objective of the forum was to address the institutional barriers to gender inequalities.

The event was officially opened by Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Edward “Brave” Davis, Q.C., who announced that that recommendations emanating out of the three-day Forum will be “very important” to the formulation of new public policies and a Plan of Action.

State-Minister Rahming called the theme for International Women’s Day, 2022, (the United Nations theme for International Women’s Day, 2022 was: “Gender Equality today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”) “timely.” Mrs. Rahming left her audience with this last bit of advice:

“In closing, I celebrate you, the women of The Bahamas, and I charge each of you to ensure that we attain gender equality today, not tomorrow, for a sustainable tomorrow.”

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