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Pineridge Urban Renewal receives donation of musical equipment

Pineridge Urban Renewal receives donation of musical equipment

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas — The Pineridge Urban Renewal Center was presented with a number of pieces of musical instruments and over 500 pairs of shoes from Wings of Grace, a non-profit organization of Vero Beach, Florida. The presentation took place on Friday, September 16, 2022 at the Pineridge Urban Renewal Center. Receiving the donated items was Lisa Higgs, Center Manager for Urban Renewal Pineridge, along with other Urban Renewal employees and instructor of the Urban Renewal Pineridge Band, Sgt. Calvin Harris.

“Representatives from Wings of Grace were here at the Center a few weeks ago; they toured the center and at the time the Urban Renewal Band was playing and they noticed that a number of instruments were either missing or in bad shape,” explained Ms. Higgs.

“So, they went back to Florida, contacted some of their partners and they were able to send us a number of new pieces of band instruments.”

Ms. Higgs added that the representatives of Wings of Grace also saw the need among some of the kids for proper footwear and decided to donate some 500 pairs of shoes, tennis, slippers and sandals. They also donated some medical supplies.

“Wings of Grace is located in Florida, but they have partnered with us here in Freeport,” added Ms. Higgs. “They were here right after Dorian, bringing in food, hurricane relief and medical supplies. Since then, we at the Urban Renewal Center in Pineridge have fostered a good relationship with them.”

Delivering the donated items on behalf of Wings of Grace were representatives from another charity mission of Vero Beach, Florida, called “The Source”.  Charlene Morris, a Mental Health Counselor and Jade Alexander, an Employment Specialist at the Source agreed to deliver the donated items to the Pineridge Urban Renewal center. The Source is also a partner with Wings of Grace.

“At the Source we help people who are un-housed with meals, laundry, showers, mental health and social services and help them come into a saving grace and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,” explained Charlene Morris.

“As partner with Wings of Grace, we volunteered to deliver the donated items because representatives from Wings of Grace were unable to be here today. We were more than happy to be able to do this.”

The Pineridge Urban Renewal Center is looking to further develop their band, having had musical instruction as a major part of their recent summer program. In addition, Sgt. Calvin Harris, the band’s director, holds regular band practices at the center. A number of young people throughout the Pineridge community have learned to play instruments and read music since the establishment of the band.

The donated equipment will assist in giving even more young people within the community an opportunity to be a part of a positive, growing program.

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