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Ministry of Environment team tours RCCL’s ‘Harmony of the Seas’

Ministry of Environment team tours RCCL’s ‘Harmony of the Seas’

NASSAU,  The Bahamas — The Hon. Vaughn P. Miller, Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, and State Minister the Hon. Basil McIntosh along with a team of Ministry representatives embraced Royal Caribbean’s welcome on a recent tour of ‘Harmony of the Seas’ the third largest ship of their fleet.

Nick Rose, Royal Caribbean’s Group Associate Vice-President, Environmental Programs, led the tour. He explained the decarbonisation strategy (Destination Net-Zero) as he showed the engine room, recycling facilities, incineration capacities and water cleansing opportunities. The ship has one of the cleanest waste segregation processes with areas for proper disposal of plastic bottles, paper, dry and wet garbage, aerosol cans, cooking oil etc. which are securely stored to stop the growth of harmful bacteria.

They also met Captain Trym Selvag along with the crew, experienced the Captain’s Loft, learned how technology has made a tremendous impact on how the ship’s course is charted.

Minister Miller was pleased to see RCCL efforts to protect the environment and conserve Bahamian waters.

He said, “Building relationships with the cruise line is important and I appreciate that Royal Caribbean is moving in this direction. Their efforts deserve bragging rights because of how they manage their solid waste which also aids in the fight against climate change.  Also beneficial from the tour was the opportunity to exchange with RCCL to better assist The Bahamas to understand the requirement of the cruise line and to help us to understand how we can partner with RCCL for the betterment of Bahamians to increase environmental, entrepreneurial, research and educational opportunities in The Bahamas. The tour was extremely successful and I thank them for their invitation.”

Mr. Rose said, “The company has a great track record. It is the single largest cruise ship in the world. We deliver responsibly in hosting and resourcing. Our focus is on air and water. People are cultural but they are also environmental and this is why we endeavour to brand our operation in a more sustainable manner. This is who we are and this is what we stand for. No matter where we are, we operate the same way. In the future we want everything to go to a waste energy facility, to be landfill free by the year 2030 and to build a ship that is gas safe. Biofuels will play a role in this transition. This is a step in the right direction.”

Arana Pyfrom, Deputy Director, Department of Environmental, Planning and Protection, added, “They are in compliance with our laws and in some ways they are above compliance levels that we have set. We are looking at ways that we can mutually benefit from some of the operations that are taking place aboard the cruise ship and to build on the environmental partnerships that have started by their ongoing investment in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

The team comprised Mrs. Phedra Rahming-Turnquest, Permanent Secretary, MENR;  Mr. Pyfrom; Fayne Thompson, Consultant and Policy Advisor; Keino Cambridge, Consultant and Mrs. Samantha C. Black, EA and Media and Public Relations. Also on the tour was: Russell Benford, VP, Government Relations, Americas/Royal Caribbean Group; Wendy McDonald, Regional VP, Government Relations, Royal Caribbean Group; Diane Phillips, Diane Phillips and Associates, Public Relations and Branding Firm; Hope Sealy, Manager, Operations and Business Development; Ashley Bethel, Associate; among others.

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