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Minister Bowleg thanked supporters and sponsors of Junior Junkanoo in GB

Minister Bowleg thanked supporters and sponsors of Junior Junkanoo in GB

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Hon. Mario Bowleg thanked parents, teachers and students for their work to make the return of Junior Junkanoo to Pioneer’s Way in Freeport, Grand Bahama a success.

The sounds of the future of Bahamian culture hit a high note on Thursday, February 16, 2023, as hundreds of Grand Bahamian students – from pre-school to Senior school – brought the 2023 junior junkanoo parade to life in downtown Freeport. Twenty-three schools participated in this year’s parade.

“The little encouragement and support that you give, goes a very long way to help make these youngsters productive citizens here in our country,” said Minister Bowleg. “So, we came here to watch them go up and down the boulevard and showcase their artistic skills and talents as it relates to the form of art we love the most, that we call Junkanoo.

“I thank all of the sponsors, the police officers, the judges, the logistics team, staff members at the Ministry of Culture and all of the stakeholders involved for bringing this event back to Pioneer’s Way. Have a great and enjoyable parade.”

The parade got underway shortly after 6p.m. and ran until after midnight. The preschoolers and primary school students were allowed to parade first, making two laps around the parade route.  Senior school Junkanooers gave fans an extra shot of junkanoo music as the night wore on.

OPENING PARADE – Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Mr. Mario Bowleg, officially opened the 2023 Junior Junkanoo Parade in Freeport, February 16, 2023.

GETTING INTO IT – Youngsters of Bishop Michael Eldon preschool get into the beat of the Bahamian culture of Junkanoo.

WELCOME TO DISNEY LAND – Youngsters of Wilbur Outten Christian Academy (preschool) presented their theme “a trip to Disney land.”

AFRICAN SAFARI – Students of Growing Years Preschool took fans on a trip through the African Safari, during their presentation at the Junior Junkanoo Parade.

LENDING SUPPORT – Hundreds of parents showed up to lend support to their kids at the 2023 Junior Junkanoo parade on Pioneer’s Way, downtown Freeport.

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