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H.E. Pinnock Elected Vice Chairman At FAO

H.E. Pinnock Elected Vice Chairman At FAO

Nassau, Bahamas:  Ambassador to the United Nations Food Agricultural Organization (FAO) H.E. Winston Pinnock has been elected to serve as the Vice Chairman of the FAO Council in Rome, Italy. His representation makes The Bahamas only the second country in the English speaking Caribbean to hold such a high-level post since FAO’s inception in 1945.

This follows H.E. Pinnock’s nomination at the Latin America Regional and Caribbean Countries (LARC) session held in Ecuador in March.

The nomination was put to the floor during the 170th session of the FAO Council in Rome this week and was unopposed.

H.E. Pinnock said he is committed to using his platform to bring attention to the perilous issue of climate change for The Bahamas and to promote the country’s efforts to enhance food production.

“I am grateful to Almighty God and secondly to our Prime Minister The Hon. Phillip ‘Brave’ Davis for having the confidence in me by giving me such a crucial assignment in dealing with the food security issues of our country at this critical time,” he said.

“I am also thankful to my colleagues from Latin America and the Caribbean region for supporting my nomination to this post, I am committed to using this platform to continue the advocacy of our Prime Minister on the issue of climate change which poses an existential threat to our country The Bahamas.”

The last English-speaking country to hold such a post was Trinidad and Tobago.

The Government of The Bahamas expressed gratitude to the LARC community for their unanimous endorsement and support.

While in Rome, H.E. Pinnock is being accompanied by Deputy Permanent Representative from The Bahamas’ Mission in Geneva, Switzerland, Frank Davis.

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