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Prime Minister Davis — Prepared Remarks at the Opening Session of the Regional Heads of Government Meeting to Prepare for COP27

A Heartfelt Send-Off for Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Peter Deveaux-Isaacs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, February 14, held a special farewell reception for Permanent Secretary Mr. Peter Deveaux-Isaacs, Sr. After over 30 years in the Public Service, Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs entered retirement, leaving behind a legacy ofstellar service to the country. During the reception Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service the Hon. Fred Mitchell thanked Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs for his contribution to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his selfless dedication to The Bahamas at home and abroad. Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs joined the Public Service as an Executive Officer in The Cabinet Office and was assigned to the newly established Ministry of Defence. Two years later, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he began his career as a Foreign ServiceOfficer and Dip...